Starveling Snout & Snug (2013)

Designed by David Wall, Conor Nolan and Steve O Connell at WorkGroup

Publisher: 3FE

Editorial: Rachel Donnelly

Photography: Al Higgins

Printer: Hato Press

Categories: Editorial

Industry: Commercial

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‘Starveling, Snout, and Snug’ is a freely distributed, risograph-printed, 8-page monthly magazine that aims to appeal to people working in the creative fields, particularly those with an interest in craft or design.

The story of 3FE (Third Floor Espresso) is the story of a man who found himself so beguiled by coffee that he abandoned a lucrative career in finance to devote all his time, energy, and enthusiasm to it. For the unititated, such a level of fanaticism for something as superficially banal and basic as a hot drink is likely mystifying. However, it is often the case that a thing which appears simple from the outside can yield a multiplicity of subtleties when probed. To the devotee, whatever the object of their devotion, these minutiae are endlessly fascinating. ‘Starveling, Snout, and Snug’ is interested in the density of detail housed in the minds of such aficionados.

Each issue features a portrait of an individual and their passion, drawn with words and photos. These portraits try to get a little bit inside the world of the person, to gain something of the richness of insight that is the fruit of persistent and long-term application to a single calling. The publication features words from others too, thoughts on related topics by people who live and breathe their livelihood. The aim is to create something eminently readable, enticing both in form and content, and compelling even through the background bustle of a lunchtime café.