Designed by Sinéad Doyle, Stephen Kavanagh, Kevin Boyle and Adam Szalowski at Design Factory

Signage Manufacturer: Artisan Solutions

Categories: Identity / Moving Image / Wayfinding / Signage

Industry: Corporate

Tags: Art direction / Icons

“We are all storytellers. We all live in a network of stories. There isn’t a stronger connection between people than storytelling.”

Our client tasked Design Factory with creating a new brand for the rental property sector that would act as a unifying and recognisable mark and brand system for all of their residential rental properties, entering the market. Storyhouse is about building communities. The brand was devised to create many different stories from any combination of the sum of its parts. A page, a pencil, a home motif, and the community within that. The brand works as one mark but also can break apart and evolve into modular elements for many different uses, all telling stories and celebrating the idea of modern community.

We were briefed to keep the aesthetic modern and approachable for Storyhouse. While each property will have a different location and different unique amenities, creating a way-finding system for these properties was made straightforward by the modular elements of the master brand. Implementing suitable typography and creating a set of custom icons that would easily communicate openness and promote ease of use at all touchpoints. With accessibility in mind, we kept the visual contrast high using black and white, alongside a bespoke colour palette that allows the brand to translate onto many backdrops, digital, printed, signage and email communications.