Student Prize Identity

Designed by Carleen Bruton at Design Partners

Interaction Designer: Jeff Simons

Marketing Manager: Tom Langan

Photographer: Des Moriarty

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Poster

This identity was produced for our first student design competition. Launched in collaboration with two Irish universities, the Design Partners Student Prize facilitated and encouraged dialogue between students and designers throughout the competition process. This needed to engage and excite the students.

The logo was built around the existing Design Partners logo, a simplified form creating a versatile and dynamic mark that became the structure for a window or frame for seeing, a new perspective. Stickers invited students to make the symbol their own.

‘Design an object that sparks unexpected yet meaningful interaction’, was the task set to the students and we aimed to create a call for entries poster that would capture this brief. The poster contained a series of perforated sections, once removed a letter appeared. When a student removed a section the reverse of the card displayed an individual piece of advice, a quote or tip. As the sections were removed they gradually revealed the brief. We also produced a brochure that captured some of the learning for the students.

Other collateral included website, brochures and stickers.