Designed by Kevin King, Victoria Brunetta and Hugh Heffernan at Piquant Media

Roísín Buckley: Production Manager

Conor Buckley: Production

Categories: Identity / Print

Industry: Civic

Website: is a national survey for third level students in Ireland. It is focused on driving student engagement and gathering data about the student experience. The collected data is then made available for institutions and policymakers to inform their decision-making strategy. We were tasked with developing a new brand identity, website and report design for

After analysis of key demographics and stakeholders, we worked with the team and select members of various Irish student bodies to develop a youthful and energetic brand that would be relevant to those survey participants. It was imperative that the brand works in the crowded digital space and across 3rd level campuses while also functioning in official reports documentation.

We created a large body of brand assets, including a striking colour scheme, branded emojis and dramatic typographic treatments. The brand was created to be flexible, with these interchangeable assets on hand, print and digital material could be created quickly and consistently, by both designers and students, without compromising on the quality of the final outputted materials.