Studio Wolfe

2019 Selection

Designed by Deirdre Breen, Deirdre Corcoran and Mark Quirke at Chapter.

Photography: Miki Barlok

Industry: Commercial

Founded in 2013 by Declan and Careen Wolfe, Studio Wolfe is a leading school in performing arts education. The studio’s mission is to provide a place for young people to develop a lifelong love of the arts that can be fostered and nurtured through drama, dance and singing.

Previously called Wolfe Stage School, we worked with Declan and Careen on a name that was relevant to their current operations and ethos. A studio is a room or place for instruction or experimentation. Studio Wolfe focuses on the process of learning rather than a finished product. It is a place where children of all levels can participate. Our new name reflects this concept of ‘method’.

The cornerstone of our visual identity is the dynamic logomark. It has three faces — Studio, Dance and Drama. We created a flexible system that allows freedom and diversity, but there are rules for its application.

We have an overarching primary logomark for Studio Wolfe. There are two submarks to further highlight and communicate the disciplines of Dance and Drama.