Supply Smart Tetris


Designed by Nicole McMahon at In the Company of Huskies

Mateusz Król: 3D modelling

Categories: Promotional / Print / Screen

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Illustration / Advertising / 3d

SupplySmart is an analytical system that optimises a company's supply chain through identifying and removing hidden costs. We needed to communicate this complex business offering in a understandable and unique visual.

To understand the complexities of a supply chain, we began thinking of each element as a building block. To bring some energy to the concept we likened these blocks to the game of Tetris. Like a supply chain, one seemingly small move in Tetris can cause lots of unused space, creating a knock-on effect throughout. 

This analogy became a clear and digestible visual explanation for what SupplySmart can do for a business. Each piece in the illustration fits nicely together and shows all stages of the supply chain, from transport to distribution.

We used 3D illustration to render the elements in a photorealistic style that contrasted with the surreal concept. We researched each detail to to ensure that all the machinery and transport devices were rendered accurately. We incorporated numerous shipping solutions and specific details to highlight the flexibility of Supply Smart without losing the overall concept.

The final illustration seamlessly marries all aspects of a complicated supply chain in a fun and exciting way. The illustration brings nostalgic joy to a B2B world while still highlighting the importance of a well-designed supply system.