Swim Ireland

2017 Selection

Designed by Stephen Kiernan and Eamonn Hall at Atomic

Photography: Michal Dzikowski

Categories: Identity

Industry: Civic

Tags: Photography / Sport

Swim Ireland are the national governing body for swimming, water polo, diving and synchronised swimming. In 2017 we were tasked with developing a new brand platform and visual identity for the organisation. The water means different things to different people, so we developed the ‘Me and the Water’ brand manifesto to represent the organisation’s commitment to representing all of those who have a relationship with the water.

The identity aims to reflect this range of experiences by using an array of bright and energetic colours. The logo visually embodies the sense of movement unique to water sports. It was created by printing the Swim Ireland wordmark on an A3 sheet, warping the sheet by hand and then using a mounted camera to photograph the distorted letterforms. The sports photographer Michal Dzikowski was commissioned to shoot five athletes training in their respective disciplines.