t o b Architect

t o b Architect is an explorative, critical architectural practice based in Dublin and Co.Tipperary, Ireland. The studio has earned a reputation as an expansive practice that incorporates an ongoing examination of the nature of things and places in each project.

The t o b Architect website was designed and developed with a minimalistic and practical concept in mind. It was important that the end-user could explore the work through imagery or image and text. 

The backend system, custom-built on Drupal, provides the website editor with extreme flexibility and freedom to curate content and create narratives to demonstrate a variance of work. Artworks and photos can be uploaded in different dimensions with very few restrictions. The information architecture underlying the experience was created with a seamless navigation approach in mind in order to encourage users to transition between varying project types. 

Due to the large volume of high-resolution imagery, we implemented a lazy load strategy that initially loads low-resolution imagery to deliver a responsive experience and later replaces them with higher-resolution versions. 

We developed a custom multipurpose module on the homepage that allows the client to combine video and imagery, this provides a lot of creative possibilities with the juxtaposition of two images, a video and an image, a blank background with a video or an image in the foreground. 

The website delivers a robust minimalistic structure that encourages exploration and allows the work to be centre stage.