Tá Gaeilge Agam

2018 Selection

Designed by James Kelleher and Darren O'Driscoll at Publicis Dublin

Creative Direction: Carol Lambert

Art Direction: Neil Hanratty

Photography: Christopher Lindhorst

Copy: Darragh Carey

Retouch: Floss Creatives

Set Design: Lesiele Juliet & James Donnelly

Categories: Promotional / Print

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Advertising / Photography

“Fear of usage” is a problem with many people and a barrier to their engagement with the Irish language and its media brand, TG4.

Research told us that despite this fear of usage, 70% of us express a desire to speak more Irish, even if we only have a ‘cupla focail’. We designed a campaign to give people permission to speak the language – at any level.

Our team discovered a simple expression that held a deep meaning: in the Irish Language we don’t say “I speak Irish”, we say “I have Irish”; it belongs to me. “Tá Gaeilge Agam”.

Irish can and should represent all the vibrancy, inclusiveness, openness and idiosyncrasy of modern Ireland. Whether you are a fluent speaker or just have a few words you have a right to embrace and use your language.

To help people to see the language in a new light we chose a series of high profile figures who could help reframe the associations – who could represent audiences of all levels; from the native speaker, to those with moderate knowledge and even total novices. Each is a passionate voice in their own field, proud of their identity and heritage.