Tall Tales


Designed by Jennifer Leahy

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tall Tales is a podcast production company dedicated to producing content that sparks conversation and creates communities, through thoughtful, varied and creative content.

The brief for Tall Tales was to develop a simple identity which had the ability to grow with the company. It needed to illustrate the variety of personalities which Tall Tales represents whilst being recognisable, and also needed to be as vibrant and engaging as the content being created.

This identity visualises the virtual environment and the actual communities created by Tall Tales. It uses a limited palette of geometric shapes to build a distinct visual language for the shape of these conversations and communities. No two conversations are alike and, using pattern, this identity can evolve and shift.

The identity uses shape to reference the type of conversation (debate, dialogue, discourse and diatribe). It uses colour to illustrate personality, and finally, size to reference popularity and/or relevancy. Using this system the identity can meaningfully represent specific topics or podcasts. The identity uses movement to illustrate the energy behind the podcasts, the communities and the content.