Talormade (Packaging)

2019 Selection

Designed by Evan McGuinness at Bielke+Yang

Creative Direction: Christian Bielke

Coffee Specialist: Talor Browne

Photography: Tommy Andresen

Categories: Packaging

Industry: Commercial

Talormade (pronounced tay-lor-made) makes coffee and doughnuts, and with their unique approach to what specialty coffee can be, has attracted fans all over the world. Where good coffee has often been presented in a serious and almost solemn setting, Talor's vision is to create an experience of specialty coffee without all the snobbery.

Talormade is the story of a lady who has gone against the flow and always done things her way; whether she's building shops, baking donuts, roasting coffee or communicating with her customers. Talor makes magical things happen and creates magical encounters with the fans — whether it's chatting in her Instagram inbox or recognizing her on the subway.

We wanted to create a package that reflected Talor's unique personality and project. Talormade's visual identity is based on material from fighting for women's rights, and refusing to be maginalised by a male-dominated industry. That's why we wanted Talormade's coffee packs to stand out, just as much as Talor does.

Based on the response in social media, fans love the packages. The shimmering detail of the font is displayed through endless boomerangs, videos, and pictures. The package invites you to play with light and reflections, in the same way that Talormade is always playful and open in its approach to what it means to enjoy the best coffee in the world. Positively unpretentious.