Tank & Skinny's

Tank & Skinny's is an established, family-run café business in 4 locations in the North West – Letterkenny, Buncrana, Muff and Limavady. Brothers Ed and Shane Doherty have created a welcoming experience and offer friendly service and excellent quality food. It's a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere – Café culture at its best! Ed and Shane started their first venture in 2010 and felt that it was time to take a breath, review the brand and improve it visually.

Tank & Skinny's brand personality is honest, authentic, friendly, accessible and non-pretentious. This applies to the name itself, which was Ed and Shane's nicknames when they were kids. So we set out to introduce more of that authentic and friendly personality to the visual brand, firstly with the logo and then with a broader graphic language.

Tank & Skinny's already had a monogram in their original brand and were keen to keep one – so we created a new monogram representing the new identity. We also created a unique illustration representing the two brothers that adds a friendly face to the brand. This illustration can be used in a flexible and dynamic way along with the other brand assets to keep everything playful, fresh and full of personality. Finally, we added the tagline 'IT'S ALL GOOD' and typeset it in a friendly configuration to add to the overall cheerful personality of the brand. The identity's colour palette is anchored by a punchy reflex blue, with a limited supporting palette of powder blue, dusty pink, lemon and light grey.

We used an accessible sans-serif family with a human touch and plenty of quirks of its own to carry the sense of friendliness through to the typography. Additionally, we created a simple dot pattern that can be introduced at different scales to use as part of the visual language system.

We combined the different elements on a suite of materials, including coffee cups, food packaging, napkins, day and evening menus, uniforms, and signage. We also produced assets and avatars for their social media accounts and helped them to streamline their social presence.