Teac Damsa

2022 Selection

Designed by Ciarán ÓGaora, Louise Brady, Jordan Huysmans and Niall O'Shea at Zero-G

Type design: Max Philips, Signal Type

Illustration: Ciaran Ó'Gaora

Site development: Ciaran Hickey

Categories: Website / Print

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Poster / Digital / Theatre / Programme

Website: teacdamsa.com

Teac Damsa was established by celebrated Irish choreographer Michael Keegan-Dolan following his relocation to Dingle, Co. Kerry. Over the years its identity had become fragmented while the company’s website content and structure did not reflect the true character of the company. Central to the vision of how the company communicated was the use of the Irish language and there was a desire that it be more genuinely integrated into the communication design.

Starting with the redesign of the website we developed a new content structure and integrated the use of both languages into the same pages, creating a dialogue between Irish and English. The redesign included a new typographic style with the Dashiel typeface glyph set being expanded to include accents used within old Irish typography. The typographic style was extended across print and promotional applications.

The work helped to reinvigorate Teac Damsa, as it re-emerged following the pandemic, and more authentically reflects how its work relates to Irish language, traditions and place.