Tech/Life Ireland

Designed by Stephen Kiernan and Eamonn Hall at Atomic and Radical

Photography: Kieran O'Donoghue

Motion Design: Steffen Knoesgaard

Web Design: Eric Kelleher

Categories: Identity

Industry: Civic


As part of a new national tech talent attraction initiative, we were tasked with branding Ireland as a top international destination for techies to come an experience a work/life balance like nowhere else. It was extremely important that we bring a level of authenticity to the brand to ensure that we engaged the target audience. We adopted the principal of ‘By Techies, For Techies’, conducting interviews with real techies and feeding that back into our design.

The result was a clean, direct, no nonsense design with a focus on clarity of information and non embellished, naturalistic photography. We created a robust and sophisticated brand and extended visual language that allowed us to create a myriad of executions with a strong level of consistency. Early results are extremely strong with over 60,000 visitors to the site from 130 countries worldwide in only 3 months.