Technological University of the Shannon


Designed by Conor Buckley, Hugh Heffernan and Kevin King at Piquant Media

Motion Design: Oisín Ralph

Editorial Design: Lucia Mullerova

Categories: Identity / Editorial / Moving Image / Social Media

Industry: Education

Tags: Digital / System / Branding / Motion Design / Education / Video / Brand application

In 2021 Limerick Institute of Technology, in collaboration with Athlone Institute of Technology, formed Ireland’s first cross-regional technological university. We were tasked with developing a comprehensive brand identity system that would effectively communicate across digital, environmental, and print platforms.

Taking from Irish folklore, we focused on stories from the history of the River Shannon, in which the source of the river, Connla’s well, was said to be a well of wisdom that granted special properties to the water of the river. The two core elements of our emblem are the water of the river, signifying knowledge and information, and the bridge, which communicates structure and access provided by the university. These concepts, working in tandem, reflect the ethos of this new university.

The brand system is built around a set of core brand assets that work in conjunction with expressive secondary elements, such as animated patterns, and textures. The character of these elements are distinctly digital in nature, in order to imply the forward-focused approach of the University. The adaptability of these elements allows for variety and unexpected moments in application, keeping the university’s communications eye-catching, disruptive and memorable.

The careful juxtaposition of timeless primary elements alongside expressive secondary elements allows for tonal flexibility in brand communications which can adapt to best engage with wide-ranging target audiences. These elements combined result in a brand that can authentically carry pertinent stories relevant to today’s increasingly connected and diverse audiences.