Templemoyle Mills (2014)

Designed by Sinéad McAleer at Slater Design

Photography: Gary Parrott

Categories: Identity / Print

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Craft

Website: templemoylemills.co.uk/

Templemoyle Mills have a long history of craftsmanship and use traditional methods of cotton waxing to create durable and lasting fabrics. We relished the opportunity to work on a brand with so much heritage and history, however we were also mindful that we needed to be sympathetic to the traditions and ethos of the company.

On a visit to the mill at the beginning of the project we came across a number of very old wooden stamps which would have been used to stamp a seal of quality onto fabrics in years gone by. One stamp was a woodcut illustration of the mill and read ‘Always the Same’ - it seemed to say everything about quality built through tradition and history. This stamp forms the centrepiece of the new logo and the typestyle we designed has been carried through all collateral, alongside a new quality stamp. As the fabrics had a lovely tactile quality we tried to replicate this in print applications through well chosen paper stocks and use of foils and emboss stamps.