The Bookshelf


Designed by Deirdre Breen, Deirdre Corcoran and Kieran Rigby at Chapter.

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Paul approached us in 2018 to re-brand The Bookshelf, a coffee house situated in what was once the Public Library in Cork City. We created a fresh, new brand identity with graphic devices that take inspiration from punctuation and a bespoke 'E' in the logomark to resemble books on a shelf. The new identity was a huge success and extensively grew their fan base. The same year, Paul broadened The Bookshelf offering to create a new place where his clients could enjoy not just coffee and full breakfast but also lunch, dinner, wine and cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere. A place you felt welcome any time of the day. He chose a second iconic location at the Elysian, one of the tallest buildings in Ireland. He wanted to be consistent and extend the brand to the new location but he also wanted to give the place its own look and feel.

While staying true to the original brand we carefully considered the new offering and developed the brand which was then rolled out across menus, signage, packaging for take away goods and label design for their new cold brew coffee. We continued the Bookshelf palette throughout the new restaurant and designed interior motifs that were integrated into our interior design.