The Centre for Effective Services


Designed by Clara FitzGerald and Seán O'Beacháin at So&So

Illustration: Ben the Illustrator

Categories: Identity

Industry: Civic


The Centre for Effective Services is a non-profit intermediary organisation working with agencies, government departments and service providers to help improve social services throughout Ireland. The organisation has developed and moved into a variety of sectors over the past 10 years. The nature of their work can be somewhat abstract, working behind the scenes through research, evaluation, collaboration and implementation.

CES commissioned us to refresh their visual identity and to help articulate the nature of their work more simply and succinctly. Our brief was to create a more engaging and accessible look and feel for the organisation. A simple evolution to the brand was required as opposed to a complete overhaul. The concept behind the updated brand was to represent building blocks and connectivity. This can be seen through the logo and carried through to the flexible graphic device.

We worked with Illustrator Ben O’Brien to help visualise their services and the people they work with. He created a master illustration which covers all aspects of the organisation. From this master illustration, individual scenes can be extracted to highlight specific messages. We further developed the visual language by combining the graphic device and illustrations in order to give the brand more flexibility and longevity.

Conducting research and demonstrating evidence and data are core to what they do, so graphs are an integral part of their communications. With this in mind, we also created a suite of graphs and charts to help with data visualisation.