The Chapel


Designed by Dave Darcy at One Strong Arm

Categories: Exhibition

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Typography / Identity / Exhibition / Letterpress

The identity for 'A Photographic Celebration of the Chapel' was created using antique wooden type typical of that found in the National Print Museum, the lozenge supporting drop-cap is taken from the shape of the lintel above the main entrance to the museum. The identity was created for a photographic exhibition honouring the members of The Chapel, in the National Print Museum. The word 'Chapel' is the collective term for members of a print union. At the National Print Museum, the term specifically refers to the group of active retired printers and compositors that are dedicated to preserving the craft of letterpress printing at the Museum. This group of print ambassadors is intrinsic to the Museum’s mission.

The exhibition is comprised of work by Ruth Carden, Mark Henderson and Kate Swift.