The Classics Series – Set 3 (2014)

Each cover in this ongoing series captures the essence of the book, rather than reproducing specific scenes or dramatic moments.

On the cover of ‘Tender is the Night’, a phrenological diagram masks an image of grace and sophistication, suggesting a deeper but perhaps misguided analysis of the female mind.

Echoed on its cover, ‘The Trial’ is a study of humanity’s relationship with authority. If Josef K. is guilty of anything, perhaps it is his ultimate and inevitable obedience to an unjust system.

As the title of ‘What is Art?’ poses a question, so too does the cover – what do you see? – echoing the view that Art is the transformation of an individual’s perception into an emotional response.

For John Buchan’s novel, the wheel cipher spirals into unknown depths in the hope of getting closer to breaking the mysterious code of the ’thirty-nine steps’.

An anatomical diagram reveals itself, on the cover of ‘The Prince’, in the guise of a military map, just as Machiavelli reveals the inner workings of power, strategy and duplicity.