The Deconstructed Cask


Designed by John Gavin, Colm O'Connor, Leon Murphy and Vanessa Gavin

Fabrication: Struan Bickerton

Categories: Environmental

Industry: Corporate

Waterford Distillery is a unique distillery founded by a legend of the modern whisky industry, Mark Reynier. Their aim is to produce the finest whiskies in the world using modern methods and systems never seen before in this sector.

We were asked to create a piece to hang in the reception hall of the distillery that should be both beautiful and memorable. To answer this brief we saw it fitting to use familiar items used in making whisky. Expanding on the brand theme of ‘Elements’ we decided to work with the oak casks. We wanted to elevate the humble cask, to be relooked at, and considered in the whole process of their whisky making.

We settled on the idea of deconstructing the staves into equal width blocks and floating them inside a circular shape, while still keeping the natural dome curve of the cask intact. The final piece creates a unique impact as visitors walk into the building and further emphasises the distilleries ‘good wood policy’.


Size: 1400mm x 1400mm x 125mm

388 Steel Pins on Aluminum Folded Tray

388 Pieces of French Oak Staves

― Coopered in 2011 by Saury and Tonnellerie Quintessence

― Source: Laroche Mas la Chevalière

― Content: Red Wine

― Cask Capacity: 288 Litres