The East Lounge


Designed by Sheena Flynn

Creative Director: Conor Wynne

Project Manager: Holly Irvine

Production: Emma Donovan

Interior Design: Nine Yards Design

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Almost two years ago, the plans were set in motion to create a bespoke lounge in Dublin Airport to cater to the Eastern bound airlines. This was a huge new route and big opportunity for the Airport to attract premium business passengers.

Dublin Airport asked us to first of all name the lounge, brand it and create the concept upon which the brand would sell itself to the world. We called it the East Lounge and took this opportunity to create a uniquely ownable identity that not only reflects the first-class service that the East Lounge offers, but also one that works seamlessly with the existing Dublin Airport brand world. Using the ancient Ogham alphabet for inspiration, we created an emblem and identity that is centred around the concept of ‘East meets West’.

The golden thread of luxury runs through everything you can touch, see or taste in the East Lounge. We worked closely with the catering company, KSG, to ensure that even the most minute details, down to uniforms, place settings and menus were aligned with our collective vision. We also worked closely with Nine Yards Design to create an environment that delivers the warmth of Irish hospitality with all the touches of luxury a modern traveller expects. Throughout the lounge, you’ll find rich gold brass paired with warm grey and earthy green tones from Kilkenny limestone and Connemara marble. The result is a world-class lounge that continues to delight customers from across the globe.