The Entries

2020 Selection

Designed by Paul Kelly at Form Native

Research & Copywriting: Gemma Reid

Poetry: Gail McConnell

Photography: Neal Campbell

Categories: Environmental / Identity / Wayfinding / Signage

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Tourism / History / Storytelling / Signage / Identity / Culture / Logo Design / Heritage

The Entries, a network of eight streets in the heart of Belfast, map the historical fortunes of a growing merchant city. These long narrow passageways received and traded the goods arriving at Belfast’s quays. Overlooked and misused these spaces are now being revived by Belfast City Council to encourage more footfall and recognition for visitors. We created a destination identity, wayfinding, and interpretive system to tell the story of this vital part of our heritage.

The logotype, designed to be read vertically and horizontally, reflects the feeling of passing others along these laneways, lines connect the streets and times of the city. A simple and disciplined visual style is sympathetic to its surrounds and stories of merchants, news printing, colonial trade and political agitation spanning the 17th–20th centuries.  

This rich history is curated concisely for people on the move. Interpretive panels, placed at either end of each Entry, build knowledge and intrigue about the area and overlap thematically with artistic murals within. Stories are brought to life with memorable lyrical summaries. Each panel is accompanied by a directory of businesses to encourage curious explorers.