The Hendrick


Designed by Rita Gomes at Neworld Associates

Project Manager: Mary Helow

Strategist: Kerry Matzelle

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Hotel

We brought this brave new hotel concept to life with a bold positioning that speaks from the street. The Hendrick is right in the heart of one of Dublin’s edgy new postcodes. We wanted to blur the lines between where the hotel stops and the neighbourhood begins to create a totally immersive brand experience that draws from the raw energy of the locale.

The design concept works in harmony with the vibrant graffiti and street art that occupies the hotel’s walls. It takes inspiration from The Hendrick’s flexibility - the fact that the guest experience extends far beyond the square metres of the hotel’s rooms. Iconic roller style graphics, so often used in street art, reflect the hotel’s modern industrial aesthetic. The block letters flex and expand just as the The Hendrick adapts to its surroundings, constantly evolving to stay relevant and exciting.