The Lonely Beast 123

Designed by James Kelleher at Pilcrow

Illustration, storyboards: Chris Judge

Music, sound effects, storyboards: Simon Judge

Coding, storyboards: James Kelleher

Categories: Website

Industry: Cultural / Education


The Lonely Beast 123 is an early learning app for iPad and iPhone. It helps to teach kids how to count from 1-12. As with its ABC counterpart, it was essential that we stay true to the warmth and humour of Chris Judge’s picture books, and that kids aged 3-5 would be able to pick up the app and know how to use it in seconds.

Research into pre-school education and screen media points towards better outcomes when parents are actively involved with (and asking questions about) what's happening on-screen. We wanted to design apps that would appeal as much to parents and teachers as to children, and they had to spark imaginative discussions between beasts of various sizes.

We're reasonably sure it's the only children's app with a hairy beast dressed as James Joyce.