The Lonely Beast ABC

2012 Selection

Designed by James Kelleher at Pilcrow

Illustration; storyboards: Chris Judge

Music; sound effects; storyboards: Simon Judge

Code; storyboards: James Kelleher

Categories: Website

Industry: Cultural


The Lonely Beast ABC is an educational app that helps children to learn the alphabet and how to recognise a fez when they see one.

It was intended as an elaboration of the world of Chris Judge's The Lonely Beast, not a straight adaptation of print to digital. All storyboards were put together in collaboration with Chris and Simon Judge. From the start, we wanted to strip out as much unnecessary UI chrome as possible so kids could focus on the letters, words and the scenes around them. We knew navigation had to be similarly straightforward, and interactive elements kept to a level that would keep children interested, amused, moving and learning (without annoying their parents in the process).