The Old Spot (2014)

Designed by Paula McEntee at Red Dog

Illustrator: Bradley Jay

Photographer: Leo Byrne

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Illustration / Food and drink


The Old Spot is a gastropub located on Bath Avenue in Dublin 4. We were approached by it’s owners to create an identity, and they were keen that we consider incorporating a pig. Pigs feature quite frequently in restaurant identities, so we really strived to create something memorable and unique. So with the location in mind, we decided to put a pig in a bath...

In order to create something original and bespoke, we commissioned a series of beautiful swine-based illustrations, based on the promise of good food, good drink and good service. These feature on all The Old Spot’s communications, from the signage and printed collateral to the website design, in a muted palette of slate, smokey pinks and greys, to complement the style of the interiors. We also developed playful copy lines to support the identity: ‘quaff or scoff’, ‘dine or devour’ and ‘sip or swill’.