The Park Café


Designed by Danielle OConnell, Emma Woods and Richard Collier at Good as Gold

UX Copywriting: Lauren Higgs

Categories: Website / Identity / Wayfinding / Screen

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Illustration / Digital / Food and drink / Art direction / Restaurant


The Park Café is a new bar and restaurant by Chef, Richard Corrigan, situated in Ballsbridge, just outside Dublin city centre. The menu is focused on fresh produce, delivered daily from Virginia Park Lodge.

Virginia Park Lodge, Richard’s haven in Cavan, and specifically the Gooseberry Gardens, formed the inspiration for the brand visuals. We created a playful, engaging brand aesthetic that could easily be applied to all elements of the roll-out. The brand purpose ‘serving you the park on a platter’ inspired a suite of elements that could be used in a variety of combinations.

Developing a suite of illustrations and using a bold, retro-futuristic typeface helped create the vibrancy and movement that brings the brand to life. The illustrations and colour palette were inspired by mid-century styles and led to a simple approach to animation that we integrated throughout the website UI.

The interior branding and external signage were also designed and implemented, using playful production methods and copywriting where possible. Applications included decorative and wayfinding signage, menu box, and floor and wall decals.