The Reflections Series (2013)

Designed by David Wall, Conor Nolan and Steve O Connell at WorkGroup

Publisher: Roads Publishing

Categories: Printed Publication / Publication

Industry: Commercial

Roads Publishing commissioned us to design a series of publications celebrating the architecture and beauty of spaces we often take for granted. The ‘Reflections’ series’ first two titles look at the World’s most beautiful libraries and theatres.

‘Libraries’ is a visual exploration of how cultures around the world have responded to the impulse to protect and interact with the written word; for the story of the human experience is told not only in the books on a library’s shelves, but also in its architecture.

From the construction of the first Greek theatres, to the most modern theatrical edifices, there has always been a desire to echo the drama and creative energy on stage in the architecture of the performance arenas. ‘Theatres’ brings together these spaces from every era and from all over the world, to present an eclectic and dynamic selection of what the world has to offer its performers and it audiences.