The Rotunda Hospital Annual Report 2017


Designed by Eva Sunderland and Seán Harte at M-CO

Photography: Fiach O'Neill

Categories: Print

Tags: Photography / Annual report

The M.CO team were delighted to be re-appointed in 2017, with the objective of showcasing the impressive clinical results achieved by the Rotunda Hospital in both a national and international context. For the 2017 report, M.CO built on and evolved from the work undertaken in 2016, giving each chapter a unique identity by using both vibrant visual patterns and perceptive photography.

The principal concept centered around openness and inclusion, reflective of the Hospital’s ethos. Vibrant shapes and patterns expressed the complexity and individuality of each patient journey, layered with a combination of form, colour and photography. This journey was distilled into vignettes displayed on the front cover of the report, signifying the touchpoints that each patient takes throughout their journey, from their initial appointment, to a meal post-labour, right through to baby’s first bath – a welcome invitation for all.

The Rotunda creates and supports so many significant moments, and our aim was to capture a snapshot of each of these by delivering photography that captured real-time imagery sympathetic to the nature of the hospital and those in its care, adding a new visual dimension to its story that shaped the distinct look and feel of the finished report.