The Rotunda Hospital Annual Report 2018


Designed by Eva Sunderland , Seán Harte and Fiach O'Neill at M.CO

Photography & Videography: Fiach O'Neill

Categories: Print / Editorial

Industry: Civic

Tags: Photography / Annual report

The design team at M.CO were delighted to work on the Rotunda Hospital’s Annual Report 2019 for a third consecutive year. The report presents the excellent clinical results achieved by the Rotunda Hospital over the previous year, as well as celebrating the hospital staff and highlighting the truly admirable work they do every day.

Employing a documentary style approach, we captured images of the staff in their working environments and paired these with powerful statements about their time and experiences at the Rotunda. Patient images and testimonials are also interspersed throughout the report, putting a human face on the range of activities and experiences which take place throughout the Hospital on a daily basis.

Mother and baby shots further showcased the brilliant work the staff do bringing new life into the world.

Due to the inclusion of quantitative clinical data, it was imperative that the report design be functional and clean, making it easy for staff and stakeholders to identify and understand the data.