The Rotunda Hospital Annual Report 2019


Designed by Seán Harte, Eva Sunderland and Fiach O'Neill at M.CO

Photography and Videography: Fiach O'Neill

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Industry: Civic

Tags: Annual report / Photography / Typography / Digital / Art direction / Print

In 2020, the M.CO design team was delighted to work with the Rotunda Hospital Dublin on their annual clinical and financial report.

For the fourth consecutive year, we worked closely with the Master of the Hospital to develop and deliver a 198-page document and supporting film. 

The goal of the report was to visualise the hospital’s clinical performance activities and financial report in an engaging way; to showcase the impressive clinical results achieved by the Rotunda Hospital in both a national and international context; and to emphasise their commitment to providing the best experience to mothers, babies and staff.

For the 2020 Annual Report we created a document that powerfully communicates the achievements and aims of the Rotunda, employing a process of co-creation with client teams to gather, refine and compile the final content, coupled with impactful photography and design.

Due to the inclusion of quantitative clinical data, our main imperative was to ensure the report design was functional and clean, making it easy for staff and stakeholders to identify and understand the breadth of data.

To bring the data and the document to life we included a thread of human stories throughout the Report.  We balanced clinical and financial data with staff portraits and photography of mothers and babies.  This approach emphasises the warmth and positivity integral to life in the maternity hospital on a daily basis.

Taking a documentary style approach to our photography, we captured images of the staff in their working environments and paired these with powerful statements about their time and experiences at the Rotunda. Patient images and testimonials are also interspersed throughout the report, putting a human face on the range of activities and experiences which take place throughout the Hospital.

Our palette of optimistic and vibrant colours conveys the hope, optimism and joy experienced in the hospital as new life is brought into the world whilst also being applicable to charts, tables and other methods of data visualisation through the multiple sections. 

The resulting report strikes a balance between the clinical and financial results, the relatable and familiar sense of the place, and the optimism for which the Rotunda stands.​