The Rotunda Hospital Annual Report 2020


Designed by Eva Sunderland, Claire-Louise Vickery and Liam Furlong at M-CO

Photography & Video: Fiach O'Neill, Conor Diggin

Categories: Print

Industry: Corporate

Tags: Annual report / Photography / Video

The goal for the design and delivery of the 2020 Rotunda Hospital Annual Report was to visualise the hospital’s clinical performance activities and financial report in an engaging way, and to showcase the impressive clinical results achieved by the Rotunda Hospital during the difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic. While Ireland went through uncertain and scary times, the Rotunda continued to deliver essential services to the public. Life continued in the hospital and this is reflected in the design of their annual report. The design creates emphasis on their commitment to providing the best patient and staff experience while also communicating the achievements of the Rotunda through a process of co-creation of content with client teams, and impactful photography. The vital role staff played during the pandemic was visualised through portrait photography that had a strong presence throughout the report. 

The dense and rich content was managed and organised by the designers to appear consistent across the publication while also being easily navigated by the reader. Identities were created for each chapter through the unique use of infographics and photography, to further aid the reading of the publication and to showcase the energy and life that continued to be present within the Rotunda Hospital during 2020. The vibrant photography and circular graphics present on the cover and chapter pages act as window into the hospital. The bright, friendly cover gives the reader a view of what it feels like to be a part of the Rotunda. The circle is used to represent the values of the hospital, like connection, collaboration, togetherness, and the communication between the services. The goal of the design process was to reinforce the idea that staff, patient, and baby are all connected within a system, no matter the difficulties being faced nationally.