The Shelbourne


Designed by Glenn Bolton, Xat Houatchanthara, Lorna Ryan McKeon and Ailbhe Diskin at Neworld

Director: Gary Gleeson

Project Manager: Mary Helow

Artist: Hetty Lawlor

Illustrator: Alan Dunne

Animator: Jonathan Parson

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Hotel

The Shelbourne has been Dublin’s most iconic landmark for nearly two centuries. From country gentry to Hollywood legends, The Shelbourne has lived through it all. The beating heart of Dublin Society, we wanted to capture that magic and sparkle that makes The Shelbourne so special and enduring.

Challenged with refreshing a brand steeped in such rich history, we first assessed each individual component of the existing brandmark in order to determine where improvements could be made. Whilst still close to the previous brandmark, the final mark was reinvigorated with elegance, balance and detail. This brought back the mark’s classic charm. Partnered with a fresh new colour palette, the brand has been completely rejuvenated.

We commissioned a series of artworks to highlight The Shelbourne’s rich history. Portraits depicting the namesakes of each of The Shelbourne’s suites were created by 19-year-old Irish artist, Hetty Lawlor. Irish illustrator Alan Dunne created the ‘Shelbourne Stories’ series which captured the exuberant tales that have played out within The Shelbourne’s walls over the years.

This pairing - pieces commemorating The Shelbourne’s past, created by contemporary Irish artists - was a nod to The Shelbourne’s rich history and the beginning of its next chapter.