The Sketchbooks of Jack B. Yeats

2013 Selection

Designed by Conor Clarke and Steve O Connell at Design Factory

Senior Designer: Jon Hanna

Yeats Exhibition

This exhibition brings together, for the first time, a significant selection of Jack B. Yeats’ personal sketchbooks, a collection of over 200 created during his lifetime. We created the identity for the exhibition which was inspired by a detail from one of Yeats’ sketches. The exhibition design captures the informal nature of sketchbooks, using lowercase, sans-serif typography. We also designed all printed promotional material for the exhibition.

Yeats Digital

We created an interactive digital application—displayed on touchscreen tablets—which enables exhibition visitors to virtually flick through pages of Yeats’ sketchbooks, a unique feature of this exhibition in the National Gallery. The application was developed in collaboration with Communicraft.