The Snug Project

2020 Selection

Designed by Paul Guinan

Ciana March: Creative Director

Finn Richards: Photographer

Print: Plus Print

Print: Hen’s Teeth

Social Media: Sally McCarthy

PR: Sustainable PR

Categories: Print

Industry: Charitable

Tags: Photography / Typography / Print


The Snug Project is a calendar and limited edition print sale initiated in November 2020. The series features twelve images by photographer Finn Richards, resurfaced from a commercial project commissioned almost a decade ago. Each image captures an empty snug in Ireland, poignantly highlighting the absence of these vital spaces of social interaction and community over the last twelve months. The typeface is a revival of William Caslon’s English Egyptian, one of the earliest, commercially available san-serifs. Its stark letterforms have been widely and varyingly interpreted by sign painters on pub fronts across Ireland since their emergence in the early 19th Century. The project was delivered by a team who donated their time and all proceeds were in aid of ALONE, a national organisation that strives to enable older people to age at home, safely and securely, for as long as they wish.