The Visible Universe


Designed by Hilary Kenna (Freelance)

Text & Photography: Charles Bracken & Max Whitby

Copy Editor: Fiona Barclay

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Industry: Commercial

Tags: Typography / Bookdesign

The Visible Universe is a field guide to the finest galaxies, star clusters and nebulae in the night sky. 110 carefully selected objects from both northern and southern skies have been photographed as never before with the new generation of digital cameras and telescopes. There is concise information on every target, with full technical details for all images (telescope, mount, camera, filters, and exposure times) and visibility charts showing when it is best positioned in the night sky for different latitudes.

The book includes a full colour map of the entire sky (visible from earth) divided into 8 octants, by northern and southern hemisphere and by season. The book is structured into 8 sections accordingly, with a detailed black and white orthogonal map of each octant showing the target objects in that section of the sky which are illustrated in the subsequent pages.

The book can be enjoyed as an illustrated volume for those interested in the night sky or as a practice manual for astronomy enthusiasts interested in imaging deep sky objects.

Authors: Charles Bracken & Max Whitby | Publisher: Nature Guides