The Whiskey Thief


Designed by Gillian Henderson at Jill & Gill

Illustration: Jill Deering

Illustration: Jill Deering (Jill & Gill)

Photography: Michael Kellner

Categories: Print / Packaging

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Illustration / Whiskey / Storytelling / Print / Screenprint

We were approached by JJ Corry with more than a packaging brief: Create a salute to the women breaking ground in the spirits industry and a nod to change. A celebration of women in the drinks industry.JJ Corry is all about supporting women in business as well as advocates of positive change, whatever space in which that may be. This new release was also in collaboration with Dress for Success Dublin with all proceeds from the sale donated to the DFS organisation.

We got the chance to experience the magic that Louise owner of J.J. Corry has created for the Irish Whiskey brand first hand with a visit early Jan 2020 to the distillery. The passion, skill, and hard work that goes into each bottled blend is something we all creatives can relate to. For us, it was then taking that journey, the story of a female bonder and sharing it visually. The illustration created as a pencil drawing was staged using a female model, we kept the style loose. Women in whiskey are perceived to wear suits but the reality is they wear leather jackets, denim shirts, hoodies, skinny jeans, have tattoos they are mums, they play sport and they also wear suits. Whatever your style we say

The background for the label was created as a screen printed/monoprint. This was a nod to the whiskey in the actual bottle. As Bonders, JJ Corry is a curator of casks, building a library of Irish Whiskey flavours which allow them to produce unique blends. By creating a one-off monoprint as the background for the illustration, we also created a unique blend of inks and pigments.

Both illustration and monoprint where then fine art scanned in Copper House Gallery and edited to meet the clients brief. The result of mixing illustration and printmaking created a colourful and detailed matte label with a high gloss spot pink varnish.

The 100 hand-numbered whiskey bottles were released at auction on Sunday 16th March 2020 and ran until Monday 30th.