This is Public & Sexy


Designed by Alex Synge at Alex Synge

Photographer: Louis Haugh

Curators: RGKSKSRG

Categories: Print

Industry: Cultural


This is Public & Sexy was ​a ​collection of artworks, choreographers and minor dramas, performed live at studio 468 in Dublin, curated by RGKSKSRG​, and f​eatur​ed​ Emma Haugh (IE/DE), Vivian Ziherl (AU/NL), Stéphane Béna Hanly (IE), James Moran (IE), Dennis McNulty (IE), Dan Walwin (UK/NL), Anne Strain (IE), Sibyl Montague (IE), Moira Brady Averill (US/IE), Tomaso De Luca (IT), Christopher Mahon (IE), Emily Mast (US), Angela Fulcher (UK/IE), NCAD Student Bodies (IE) and RGKSKSRG (IE).

The overarching ​aim ​​of the event was to recreate the atmosphere of your 'first disco' experience ​in all its ​awkward​​​, ​​gut-wrenching agony and ecstatic, warm butterflies. And in doing so, to recreate the first moment in your life when personal sexual desire met public architectural environment. The design brief was to keep things pared back and simple, with no frills, but to create an identity that would carry these themes through. A printed programme for the one-night event was designed to provide a map of the space, as well as a guide to the events and artworks within it. In keeping with the themes of the event, and the community centre setting, the programme was designed for production on an in-house photocopier; retaining something of the feel of a xeroxed flier for a first disco, as well as providing a keepsake to mark this one-off event.