This Place


Designed by Bob Gray and Matthew Thompson at Red&Grey

Poet: Erin Fornoff

Producer: Ruth Mulhern

Irish Poet: Maire Holmes

Categories: Promotional / Print / Editorial / Publication

Industry: Charitable

Tags: Film / Photography / Art direction / Art

A book that journeys from East to West Galway aimed at capturing texture, landscape, nature and relaxed energy. Told through stunning imagery and beautiful poetry, This Place was made as a gift to the people of Galway. Irish and English poems connect connect people and places and pace of the photographic journey.

We wanted to shine a light on as many areas of Galway as possible and weave poetry in both of our languages through carefully selected images. Chance and serendipity became as much part of the project process as planning, in a time where being responsive and adaptive determined the success of any project. – Ruth Mulhern