This Time Next Year Branding


Designed by Halley Anne Kennedy and Rowdy Studio at Rowdy Studio

Designer: Georgia Harman

Designer: Ben Hutchings

Copywriting: Ruth Jamieson

Digital Development: Thought Collective

Categories: Identity / Website

Industry: Commercial


The way we work has changed, and the spaces we go to work in are changing too. Co-working spaces are springing up everywhere, providing spaces that can grow or shrink with your business, where the day-to-day running of the office is taken care of for you. Even the office culture is ready-made, with events, mixers and enrichment programmes on offer. But with most co-working spaces feeling like corporate multinationals, our client spotted a gap in the market for a co-working space aimed towards people in the creative industries.

We were asked to create a name and brand for this new space. Our answer was This Time Next Year. We think it’s the ideal name for a space and a community for creative people with one eye on the future, a space that makes you think about where you’re heading, and then helps you get there. To further support the business strategy, we also created a visual identity that spoke to the idea of independence and creativity. The idea of people going it alone and blazing their own trail. So, a line, and the adventures it could go on became our central design idea.