Designed by Paul McCann and Kieran Duffy at CDG Brand

Categories: Identity

Industry: Charitable


TopTip is an interactive game which appeals to the competitive instinct of people who are interested in mainstream sports and current affairs. The game tests the user knowledge about sporting tournaments, public events or competitions and enables the user to play with other players of the game.

The game core goal was to be played to benefit particular charities or organization that appeals to them, this is not a betting app. So our goal was to create an app which was fun and friendly, unlike other betting apps which are serious, also creating an app that is visually pleasing as well as interactive and engaging for users.

In order to give the best result possible we studied users playing all sorts of games as well as some betting games to find the best dynamic for our game. After the research, we started to conceptualize and then create the brand and app. The brand represents the user's way to the top and the strong color palette helps with dynamic, visual and impactful app design.