Trade Coffee


Designed by John Gavin, Colm O'Connor, Leon Murphy and Luke Henebry

Categories: Identity / Signage

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Food and drink / Coffee


TRADE is a coffee & barista training business. Our task was to create a brand identity to stand apart from other businesses in the area. It needed to feel contemporary and to speak to a coffee connoisseur as much as other passing customers. Our approach focused on creating impact while keeping in mind the industrial and shipping heritage of the area. The logotype angled corners reference shipping container typography and is finished off with bespoke weathered steel for the signage. The ‘arrow’ icon nods to coffee’s upward lift and also the progression towards becoming a barista. The shape was inspired from the corner location and the square shaped floor plan of the café. The branding is brought inside with transparent window vinyl using the arrow as a pattern. The bespoke menu system continues the use of oak in the interiors, and allows the owners to change up the text with a movable type system. The logo is subtly applied super sized to the back wall, again echoing the type seen on shipping containers. The identity was applied across website, menus, apparel, stationery and cups.