Trust Women

2018 Selection

Designed by Jamie Murphy at The Salvage Press

Type casting: Rainer Gerstenberg

Categories: Print

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Typography / Letterpress

This broadside was produced for the National Print Museum in response their exhibition ‘Print, Protest and the Polls: The Irish women’s suffrage campaign and the power of print media, 1908– 1918’. I chose to tackle the issue of women’s reproductive health and made the broadside a statement piece in advance of the looming abortion referendum. Proceeds from the sale of this work were split evenly between the museum and Women's Aid.

Printed on the centenary of the first female vote in Ireland. Designed and letterpress printed by Jamie Murphy on an Adwest Double Crown proofing press. The type is 24D Méridien. 100 copies were printed on 170gsm Lambeth Acid Free paper.