Twenty Twelveº


Designed by Eibhlín Doran at National College of Art and Design

Photography: Cian Brennan

Categories: Print / Exhibition

Industry: Charitable

Twenty Twelveº was a project for NCAD’s Visual Communication Class of 2012. This project included, among other things, a poster exhibition held in the NCAD Gallery and a catalogue for the Degree Show.

For the poster exhibition, thirty-two posters were created by the final year students and staff from the Department of Visual Communication. Each poster was sold in an edition of ten.

The second element, the catalogue, was made up of two parts. The first section comprises of a collection of letters from past graduates of the course offering words of wisdom, memories and advice to us, the graduates. The second section forms an index of each of the soon-to-be graduates including an overview of their work along with a brief description of their final projects and contact details.