'two birds / one stone' 2016

2016 Selection

Designed by Jurga Rakauskaitė-Larkin at Farmleigh Gallery

Exhibition curator: Janet Mullarney

Categories: Printed Publication / Publication

Industry: Cultural

Publication and the invitation for the exhibition ‘two birds / one stone’.

With this exhibition curator Janet Mullarney was set out to redefine and broaden the scope of what most people think of sculpture, explore materiality and show that material chosen is imperative to the final reading of the work.

As the exhibition was primarily of sculptural work, and its main focus was on how the choice of specific materials makes certain sculptures work, visual tangibility of the chosen materials in this project was imperative. Publication required high production values to match the importance of its contents – exhibition featured some of the best Irish names in contemporary sculpture. Book wasnt set out to feel expensive per se, but it tries to push the little nuances to make it more visually and tactility impactful as a sculptural object.

While designing the publication, one of the tensions was to engage with materials and making. Publication was printed litho, hand collated, PUR bound, spine wrapped with cloth and 2mm gray board mounted on the front and back cover. Front cover was gold and mat foiled, nature of gray boards gave foiling sense of letterpress. Combination or translucent and pastel colour sheets were used, colour pages randomly mixed, that no two books would be the same.

Created in a manner of an artist book in edition of 500, hand numbered.