UCC Graduate Attributes


Designed by Alan McNamara, Rebecca Heald, Susan Mulcahy, Jade Kennedy and paul walsh at Babelfís

Director: Derek Shears

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Illustration

The Graduate Attributes programme in UCC was established to champion the non academic values and attributes developed by students at the university during their studies. These attributes are at the core of the current strategy of UCC, and as such are woven through all current communications activity.

As such, a strong visual identity was required that could give a coherent and clear voice to this initiative, yet allowing it to sit comfortably within the existing brand language of UCC.

Using the existing UCC brand colour palette, the strong purple was selected as the main theme colour, accented by the brand yellow to create a strong and distinctive image which is also soft and approachable.

The strong typography overlaid with hand written “notes” adds an inclusive layer for the students. This, along with the crisp illustrated elements and playful overall graphic style, promotes engagement with the students and other audiences with the core messages to be delivered.

A family of bespoke characters was created to directly give voice to the initiative. Using these and other bespoke illustrated items, the identity was given life through animation, interactive guides and other immersive content.