UEFA Launch - Samuel Beckett Bridge

2018 Selection

Designed by Brian Kenny at Lightscape

Production Manager/Technical Director: Tom Rohan, Eventco

Lighting Technician: Michael Murray

Motion Graphics: Brian Kenny, Lightscape

Categories: Promotional

Industry: Commercial

Website: lightscape.ie/uefa-launch-samuel-beckett-bridge

In November of this year, The Samuel Beckett Bridge was illuminated using hundreds of individual LED light-bulbs to promote the draw for UEFA Euro 2020 in Dublin. The challenge was to create content which was sympathetic to the locality, legible from up close and at a distance on a very large but very low resolution screen.

A digital 3D model of the bridge was created using the exact number of real world light-bulbs to test the legibility of content from various angles and distances. It was shown here that a combination of wind driven 3D flag animations and continuous paths of 2D sans serif text was the most impactful. This presented the animations with clarity to the viewers within eyesight of the bridge as well as the cameras of the international broadcast media looking to use this installation as a backdrop when reporting the event. When testing on site we used a variety of smart phone cameras to balance the colour and brightness of the individual bulbs which optimised the content for social media posts.