Values in Action Brand Identity


Designed by Eva Sunderland at M-CO

Categories: Identity

Industry: Corporate

Values in Action (VIA) is a behavioural and cultural change initiative seeking to make the HSE’s Corporate Values an essential part of how employees engage with each other and with service users in order to improve staff satisfaction, patient experiences, and outcomes. 


M.CO developed and created a brand identity for the project to effectively communicate the strong, engaging, inspiring, and empowering message of Values in Action. It’s friendly, and it captures the essence of team work, conversations, support, and inclusion.  


The central idea behind the identity came from its main focus – the people who work together to make up our health service. The two words come together to represent and create a symbol of the staff, the space they create. The simple geometric shapes are formed from the dot of the ‘i’ and the overlap of the shapes.  The full scope of the project included the application of the identity to workbooks, posters, digital imagery, booklets and toolkits for use across the HSE.