Vander & Co. Brand Identity


Designed by Colm O'Connor at Colm O'Connor Studio

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Vander & Co. are professional FBA sellers on the Amazon Global marketplace. Positioning themselves in the higher end of the marketplace, Vander & Co. partner with premium brands, before warehousing and distributing their products through Amazon.

The mid spaced logotype expresses many of the brand values that Vander & Co. wanted to convey, it suggests trust, experience, approachability and honesty, while also having a sense of energy and drive. The logotype can be paired with the V & Co. icon or alternatively each element can be used on its own. As well as the logotype and icon, we also developed a dynamic range of motifs to be used for document covers and presentation backgrounds. These motifs are based around the idea of maps, distribution routes and connectivity. Leading on from the curves of the logotype, these motifs are constantly evolving, giving a sense of movement and progression.